It is hard to pin Johnny Kelvin down in a single description. Singer-songwriter would be one, singing DJ would be another, but foremost he is a born entertainer. As a 3 year old boy, singing in front of the church choir, he started his lifelong path of surprising the audience.

Johnny Kelvin travels the globe with his highly praised show as a singing DJ. His vocal talents didn’t go unnoticed though. Born in Aruba, raised in the Netherlands, he followed the footsteps of his father. Johnny performed as a singer with big artists like The Tramps, Candy Dulfer, Sister Sledge and Sting. Even Princes Diana and Queen Beatrix got to enjoy one of his performances. After years of touring he was caught by the uplifting energy of dance music. His career as a singer reached its climax when worldwide no. 1 hit “Love comes home’” with DJ Jean got released in 2000.

Hosting the stage with Tiesto for 300.000 people at the love Parade in Berlin made him decide to combine his microphone with a set of turntables. His career as a singing DJ took of fast and made him part of international line-ups within 2 years. Being such an unique appearance in the club scene, one of the world’s best known clubs Space Ibiza and the F*ck Me I am Famous World Tour organization put him on their resident DJ’s roster. Again Johnny Kelvin got to see the international entertainment world, but now with a record bag as fixed part of his luggage.

But mastering the DJ techniques and singing at the same time was not enough. His creative heart wanted to expand the experience he offered the audience and brought his former career into the scope. Together with his partner and spouse he started the company and brand OohChic. The main object was to blow away their audiences even more with an unknown combination of DJ-ism and live music performances. Staging 40 live musicians during their DJ-set, is one of their achievements in showing the possibilities of a music crossover. Like Johnny Kelvin surprised the whole church as a 3 year old, he surprises whole stadiums by stopping the four to the floor beat and starting to sing a Puccini opera. His voluminous voice is accompanied by an 18-piece string orchestra and the audience is in a complete silence. With OohChic as an award winning show, Johnny Kelvin brought together two important elements of his life.

At this point the third element was still missing. Traveling the world with a plane full of equipment and artists, performing unique shows, developing new talents and creating commercials for the advertising world on the side, didn’t leave much time for studio work. So finally Johnny Kelvin decided to create a quiet spot to let everything that inspired him to come out. He build a studio in the Caribbean, escaping the in-between-tours-hectic of Amsterdam.

When Johnny Kelvin is not performing, he is in the studio day and night. Once in his creative flow, he focuses. From singing, to DJ-ing while he sings, he got back to be a singer-songwriter. Putting together the different musical encounters he had during his life. Bringing pop and club together in a way you will always recognize as a ‘Johnny Kelvin’ sound.

Born to be an artist, Johnny Kelvin excels when it comes to music. Creative in every aspect of his professional life, he finally gets to close the circle. “Writing and (vocal)producing tracks that will bring joy to people in their cars and homes, but that will in the same time make people dance in the clubs, and that will even make them jump when I am performing live with 40 musicians live on stage, that’s my ultimate mission”.

Career highlights

Johnny Kelvin makes a worldwide no. 1 HIT – this year Johnny returns to the Netherlands and rises to the top of the international charts with the no.1.hit “Love come Home” in collaboration with DJ Jean. Shortly after this several releases like “Dance 4 me Baby” and “Alive and Kicking”, respectively reached the 10th and 20th spot in the charts.

In the summer of 2002 Johnny Kelvin hosts the stage as MC with DJ Tiësto at the legendary Love Parade in Berlin.

This year again at the Love Parade in Berlin, Johnny Kelvin makes 375.000 party people go nuts to his MC version of “Dance 4 Me Baby” . He performs at every big outdoor festival like Extrema, Mysteryland and the Heineken FFWD Dance Parade.

Johnny Kelvin launches his new career as a vocalist DJ. With his big fanbase and large network this new career takes off like a rocket. Big international clubs and popular festivals create a spot on their roster to present the unique talents of singing DJ Johnny Kelvin.

Johnny Kelvin becomes one of the founders of the famous DJ bookings company, Ace Bookings agency, now called Ace Agency.
Johnny Kelvin releases the track “Shine the light” which he produced with Lucien Foort. The track holds top position in Pete Tong’s BBC1 Buzz chart for 3 weeks.

MTV approaches Johnny Kelvin to feature him and his rocketing career in a promo special. It is broadcasted in 12 different countries.

Johnny Kelvin meets DJ La-Ona the following summer. She is amazed by his electrifying performance and asks him to team up. The rousing energy and unique nature of their performance doesn’t go unnoticed and they become resident DJ’s of one of the world’s most famous clubs ‘Space Ibiza”.

After a successful summer season, they are again invited to perform as resident DJ’s at Space in Ibiza as well as the Fuck Me I’m Famous world tour (David Guetta) and the White party Global Tour.  They also branch out to the other islands and become resident DJ’s at the popular BCM, Mallorca.

When they return back to the Netherlands, Johnny Kelvin performs at the famous Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam for 150.000 people where only one other DJ, Tiesto, has performed at this exclusive location. Johnny Kelvinalso performs at Rotterdam’s Ahoy Opening Show for 10.000 People at the Warchild concert.

Back in the studio with partner Johnny Kelvin, they produce the opening show and soundtrack for the opening act of Holland’s most famous pop star, Marco Borsato. La-Ona is asked to perform the opening act of his ‘Symphonica in Rosso’ concert that is broadcasted on national television. She plays for an audience of 320.000 people. This concert is recorded on DVD and sells over 350.000 copies.

Johnny Kelvinis invited as resident for Marlboro Mixtronica Russian Tour – big concerts in the major cities like Moscow, St Petersburg and Sochi. Audiences of 15,000 people rocked as Johnny Kelvin interacts with live musicians during his sensational singing-DJ show.

Getting down to laying foundations in the next stage of their careers as artists, JohnnyKelvin- the Vocalist DJ and partner, international Dutch Diva La-Ona, opened  their office and recording studios in Amsterdam – Goodwill & Sounds. Within the walls of their new corporate environment they launched their new concept Ooh Chic.

Johnny Kelvin and La-Ona bring a new form of entertainment by extending the unique nature of ‘The Singing DJ-act’ with a spectacular live show filled with a large amount of talented artists. This OOHCHIC show receives immense enthusiasm internationally and wins awards for “Best new party concept” and “Most unique DJ-act”.

Johnny Kelvin & La-Ona are raising the stakes by integrating a live classical orchestra in their OOHCHIC DJ-show.

Europe’s largest dairy company asks DJ La-Ona to endorse their popular yoghurt drink Vifit with a national TV campaign. Johnny Kelvin and La-Ona produce the tune for this commercial and reach the “top 5 best commercial tunes of 2009” list with their song.

The International Eurasian Film Festival asks Johnny Kelvin & La-Ona to create the opening spectacle for the official award show. This show is broadcasted live on national television for 50 million viewers. During the official after party Hollywood superstars Kevin Spacey, Adrien Brody and Marissa Tomei join Johnny Kelvin and La-Ona in their OOHCHIC show. This performance made it to font page news in the national media the next day.

The touring schedule of Johnny Kelvin & La-Ona is exceeding all preceding years. They perform in over 20 countries that year and they decide to start a second office in Sint Maarten. This Caribbean island offers them a quiet spot in their hectic lives, to focus on music productions. Several international artist come to their new recording studio to collaborate with the producers duo.

The jet set’s most exclusive holiday destination, the island of St. Barths, asks Johnny Kelvin and La-Ona to organize their most anticipated event of the year: New Year’s Eve at the Port of Gustavia. This Port hosts yachts with the most famous guests the international entertainment industry offers and the most rich people our globe inhabits. The government of St. Barths entrust OOHCHIC to be the show that suits the exclusive image the island has.

After their many travels, working with different clubs, venues and locations, Johnny Kelvin and La-Ona are now ready to plant their seeds in a more permanent form. Their wish, to create the ultimate synergy between the restaurant / club business and their exclusive form of entertainment, comes to realization when they design the OOHCHIC brand book. A total concept guideline for a franchise business model. A new venture is born.

Johnny Kelvin and La-Ona proudly open the first OOHCHIC venue in the wealthy city Almaty. This opening sets the bar high for potential franchisees. OOHCHIC BAR Almaty gets excellent reviews and the high society of Almaty has found a new spot to meet each other, enjoy unique entertainment and release their mind of their daily responsibilities.

Johnny and La-Ona continue to share their passion for entertainment by performing and organizing shows worldwide and while they are traveling they are exploring the most beautiful places for new OOHCHIC venues.